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Based on our technology which we have developed by helping many equipments for overseas and domestic customers for long time, our company will meet "your needs" and give satisfaction with made-to-order of problem solution type and proposal type.

Especially for plastic-fabrication, we provide with operation improvement and added value by commanding technology accumulated and CAE analysis.


Hydro forming which we have confronted from year 1962 was called bulge forming and our company made "Tube fabrication equipment with Bulge forming" for the first time in Japan. Since bellows forming machine in 1970, we have more than 250 units record. Our company help forming fabrication including squeezing bending and punching as "high complex fabrication technology recently.

Flexibl Tube Hydrofoming machine

Since the first unit was produced in 1970, our company has design and manufacture various equipment composition and forming method based on specifications such as application, material, figure and so on and have many delivery record.

Used for Tee Joint

Our company made "T-tube fabrication machine" with Bulge forming for the first time in Japan 1962. We will design and manufacturing based on your needs.

HPB series pipe Bending machine

For HPD series, three-shaft drive needed for three dimensional bending fabrication is operated automatically and continuously from a operation panel controlling completely computer control with observing operation condition.

YPBシリーズ パイプベンダー

"Our company has designed and manufactured equipments for various needs from many kind of industries since delivered in 1957.
We have delivery record based on customer requirement such as from a equipment to be able to make cold forming of maximum diameter 16B x sch40 x 1.5DR to corresponding flanges pre-fixing for ship building. "

Straightening Machine

"The equipment was designed and manufactured for shipbuilding by tying up with the customer in 1985.
As an automatic machine considering fabrication know how, workability and productivity, multi-drive roller correction of steel plate deformation and many of this machines have been delivered. Further correction machines for bridge meeting customers requirement are delivered. "